Friday, 13 May 2016

@lokiscottishrap (Interview)

Our latest podcast interview is with legendary Glasgow emcee Loki.

In our usually conversational style, we delve into Loki's rap past and follow through into his future.

We talk about how he first got into music, The Being, Toy Control, the multiple youth groups he has led or been apart of and older works in his discography.

Please enjoy. It's a long 'un, but feel free to pause and come back again.

Tracks Played:

Loki - Games Guide

Loki - Intersection

Loki - Sneer Campaign

Sorry for the audio difficulties ahead of time, it was the best we could do.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

@10Milla10 (Interview)

Interview with Dumbarton's own Milla, talking about his introduction to hip hop music at an early age, working with Steve ET (Symba) as Partners In Rhyme, G82 Records to his introduction to Steg G and eventually signing to Powercut Productions.

We also chat battling, grime and music videos too.


Tracks Played:

Milla - The Ugly Truth prod. by Ralph Thomson

Milla - All The Way To Glasgow

Go check out "Old Tails From A Young Head" HERE:

Sunday, 1 May 2016

New Releases: @SLXVNY @MacKenziePro @BiggTaj @10Milla10 @UVBeatz @OfficialWee_D Alex Hannibal @HectorBizerk

ARTIST - Sloany

Release Title  - Life Full Of Collapsed Veins & Invisible Planes


RELEASE DATE  - February 26, 2016

DESCRIPTION - New 12 track project from SLOANY

Free Download Here

ARTIST - Mackenzie

Release Title  - Chaos


RELEASE DATE  - February 29, 2016


Buy Here

ARTIST -  Various Artists

Release Title  - The Hp Hop House Mixtape Vol 1


RELEASE DATE  - March 4, 2016

DESCRIPTION - By putting on these arts events and creating an open and inclusive atmosphere, we want to give local creatives the confidence to pursue their talents and share their work with the public. The cafe hopes to create a support network for local creatives and a space which can be used for exhibitions, events and workshops for aspiring artists of every kind.

Free Download Here
ARTIST - Bigg Taj

Release Title  - Superstar Sardar


RELEASE DATE  - March 8, 2016

DESCRIPTION - New 7 track EP from Bigg Taj "Its about breaking the stereotypes thats hold our people back." - Bigg Taj

Buy Here

ARTIST - Milla

Release Title  - Old Tails from a young head

LABEL - Powercut Productions

RELEASE DATE  - March 28, 2016

DESCRIPTION - Milla has previously released four E.P's, an Album and now the first release of 2016. Mixtape - ' Old Tails From A Young Head' Free Download! Credit to Steg G and Powercut Productions on mixing and mastering.

Free Download Here

ARTIST - Stonez The Riddlah

Release Title  - UV Beatz Mate


RELEASE DATE  - April 6, 2016

DESCRIPTION - 6 track solo EP produced by UVBeatz

Free Download Here


Release Title  - Shift Of A Modern Culture

LABEL - Powercut Productions

RELEASE DATE  - April 22nd, 2016

DESCRIPTION - Shift of a Modern Culture is a 16 track LP that came together over the course of 6 months through the collaboration of myself (Wee D) and Steg G. As far as albums go, this is one of my most ambitious yet and aspires to challenge an area that is close to everyone; Modern Culture.

Buy Here

ARTIST - Alex Hannibal

Release Title  - The Killer Must Be Found

LABEL - Usual Noise Recordings

RELEASE DATE  - Apr 25th, 2016

DESCRIPTION - The new EP/Mini Album from Scottish recording artist and producer ALEX HANNIBAL. Featuring guest features and production from Dylan Rush, Daystarr and Purpan.

Free Download Here
New Releases:

ARTIST - Hector Bizerk

Release Title  - The Second City Of The Empire


RELEASE DATE  - Apr 29, 2016

DESCRIPTION - The Scottish alt-hip-hop septet Hector Bizerk launch the LP The Second City Of The Empire

Buy Here

Friday, 29 April 2016

@OfficialWee_D (Interview) + "Shift Of A Modern Culture" Breakdown

We have a chat with Wee D to cover some tracks regarding the last interview we done with him.

And to promote the release of "Shift Of A Modern Culture" released via Powercut Productions.

Get It Here:

Tracks played

Wee D - The Glasgow Effect

Wee D - Marriage Outlaw.

Monday, 11 April 2016

SSU Music Podcast (April 2016)

April's podcast is here and we have a BIG announcement about the future of SSU that's worth listening in for. In this episode Scuba runs through the gig listings, Jonny talks about the Breaking the Barrier final and talks a little about upcoming albums he'll be reviewing. There's also some talk about the merits of trap production (as per usual). 

We also break down tunes from Blasfima Sinna, Terry Bling & Princy Boii, Shogun, Sound Thief, Werd & Yah. There's also a cheeky wee play of the new Supa & The Kryptonites single.

Another wee FYI: Jonny's man flu graduated to all-out virus attack so sounds even more breathless and asthmatic than usual on this podcast. We've cut most his coughing fits in the edit, though.