Wednesday, 27 July 2016

@KidRobotik (@SubfrictionRec) (Interview)

Today Scuba has a chat with Subfriction Records front-man Kid Robotik.

Connect With Kid Robotik:

Connect with Subfriction Records:

Monday, 25 July 2016

#SSUFiles Mr B (Dope Inc) (Interview)

Scuba chats to Mr B (Dope Inc)

We chat about the elusive first ever Scottish Rap Vinyl pressing and Mr B's history of hip hop.

Tracks Played:

Dope Inc - Born With A Dope Affliction

Dope Inc - Frontal Attack

Thursday, 14 July 2016

#SSUTakeover Hosted by EVIL with guests: Crimson Ink, Crink & Delivery Room

EVIL Takes the reigns as host for this takeover podcast with his guests: Delivery Room, Crink & Crimzon Ink.

You will get to hear them all having a chat about recent goings on aswell as their individual contributions to music, also featuring an exclusive 3 track set from Delivery Room, an exclusive snippet from Crimzon Ink's 1200 bars track, and a 35 minute cypher featuring all 5 of them.

Connect With EVIL:

Connect With Crink:

Connect with Delivery Room:

Connect With Crimzon Ink:

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

BattleCast: SSU chat to Chris Leese, Mackenzie, Cojay and more.

So, the inaugural battle Iron Barz battle event was a certified success. SSU editor Jonny chat to each of the battlers after their match-ups to get their opinions on how they went. 

Featured in the podcast: Chris Leese, Cojay, MacKenzie, Scott Earley and Ryza. Jonny never got a hold of EVIL, who had to make a train, however you can catch him on a separate podcast interview recorded with Scuba that drops later this week.

Listen to the podcast here.

All three battles were excellent and you watch them below:




Friday, 1 July 2016

NEW BATTLE: Chris Leese v EVIL

The first battle has dropped from the inaugural Iron Barz event and it's a cracker as Edinburgh's rising star EVIL takes on Don't Flop veteran Chris Leese. It was a multi-heavy, word-heavy, flibbidy-dibbidy flow heavy rhymefest of ridiculous proportions so take your paracetamol beforehand.

Jonny also interviewed each battler from the event (with the exception of EVIL who had to grab a train). Expect them all in a podcast later this week.